Introducing: Subscription-Based Services powered by Blueback

The brand-new way to outsource your back office needs
August 4, 2021 by
Introducing: Subscription-Based Services powered by Blueback
Factory360 Marketing, Annet Kooistra

It’s here: introducing the new subscription-based services from Blueback! Our brand-new subscription-based services will help our clients to propel their businesses forward by offering them a tailor-made solution for all back-office processes. By partnering with Blueback, businesses can pick and choose from the countless modules that Odoo offers, while receiving the needed support from Blueback to fully take advantage of all it has to offer. Interested in learning more? Keep reading!

What exactly is a Blueback Subscription?

Have you ever wanted to outsource your back-office needs, but felt overwhelmed by the idea of having to manage relationships with different organizations to get it done? Or do you regularly outsource back-office services, but end up spending so much time managing the logistics that you still are unable to focus on your core business? Not to mention keeping abreast of all the moving parts needed to keep your business running smoothly. Blueback understands the importance of having a good flow between your front and back office; your organization simply cannot function otherwise. A Blueback subscription gives you the expertise and support you need to effectively run your back office, while also offering you the flexibility to add Odoo modules as your organization changes and grows. We help all of your systems work together, so you can work smarter, not harder.

What can I expect from Blueback?

When you sign up for a Blueback subscription, you can expect the same comprehensive and in-depth modules that we’ve always offered as an Odoo partner, including automation of your business, the addition of continuous support, and the ability to customize your package to fit your business perfectly. Our expertise in back-office management offers you the opportunity to get the most out of your business software. We’ll make sure the system works as it needs to and as you want it to, while also helping you align your processes all in one platform. Our subscriptions are tailor-made, which means that your business needs are always at the forefront of the process. It’s a partnership where your input will always be appreciated in order to get the best results for your business. 

Our subscription-based packages give you the opportunity to continuously analyze your business and add on more Odoo modules and support as you grow. You might need help with your accounting, for example, and Blueback is more than happy to manage this back-office service for you. In the future, as your business grows, you might realize you also need systems to manage your human resources, marketing and IT, or you might need to outsource these services completely. The good news is, we can handle both! Just let us know what your business needs are, and together we can make it happen. 

Where do I start?

Getting started with your Blueback subscription is easy. If you already have an idea of what areas your business processes need to improve, talk to our Blueback officers, and we’ll be more than happy to start setting up your Odoo modules or integrate your existing systems and software to function more effectively. One system means less complexity and less room for error and confusion. 

Don’t have an idea yet of what needs to be improved? Talk to us to help us better understand your business. This way, we can help identify your needs based on our Quickscan and help you get the most out of your software solutions. Whether your business needs include (re)designing your processes, optimizing your dashboards or structuring existing and future information, Blueback is your partner in all things back-office. 

Interested in hiring us as your back-office partner? Get in touch with us here or call or email us at (+5999) 465-0225 or

Introducing: Subscription-Based Services powered by Blueback
Factory360 Marketing, Annet Kooistra August 4, 2021
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