We are located in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean, and provide automation and back-office services for the region. We are official partner of Odoo, world's best management software to run a company or organization.

        Our mission:
        Organizations need to be flexible and adaptable to changes in the market and customer demands. We provide you with the expertise to systematically build and manage that flexibility, providing you with tools to empower your team to get the best results, in compliance with corporate governance standards.

        We are committed to your success, and optimize your processes quickly and without stressing your organization (or you for that matter), by accepting shared responsibility of the change process.

        Meet the team:
        Blueback consists of a team of dedicated professionals in the fields of business management, automation, finance & accounting and human resource management. We are continuously hiring new talents to complement our team and broaden our services. 

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        Always ready for your next challenge ...

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        Anthony Richardson

        Performance Management enthusiast with 20+ years of experience in Organizational Science, Human Resource Management and Strategic Management.

        'I'm always observing how organizations, successful and less successful, work, searching for the little things setting them apart from their peers. It's amazing what a big difference little things can make. Those are the things that fascinate me ...'

        Our business is helping organizations focus on the (little) things that matter, and make sure that the administration and technology behind it enable and empower, not distract.

        WHAT WE DO

        Through our back office services, we ensure that information you need for management decisions is available anytime and when you need, without any effort. 

        We make sure that your organizational work flows are fully supported by the software that we implement, and we assist you with tailoring information dashboards for all your managerial responsibilities.

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