Subscription for Accountants and Administration Offices

When financial services are your bread and butter, you know that it is not only about having a great accounting system, but that your clients can provide reliable data with a user-friendly point-of-sale or sales system, inventory control and purchase management. As a service company, we understand that having lots of dynamic clients with all their specific needs can be challenging. That’s why we have invested in setting up a state of the art back-office for ourselves, and we will gladly help you set up your own.

We'll help you integrate all your systems with accounting, which means no more retyping of receipts! As a bonus, our point-of-sale system is also BAB-approved (Curaçao) and compatible with the Epson fiscal printer from Boolchand’s. Blueback will help put everything in place  to help you base your services on Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), schedule your production, use the helpdesk for unscheduled actions and have a full-fledged document management system with online signing feature: no more printing! 

 We’re always there to help you and your clients make full use of your system and keep it current with the latest technology. Your initial setup could include the following integrated modules:

  • Accounting, feature-rich: multi-company, multi-currency, with built-in ocr-functionality

  • Sales & Subscriptions, for selling and managing service subscriptions

  • Project, Timesheets & Calendar, for planning and managing tasks and writing (and invoicing) time

  • Helpdesk, for handling one-off requests

  • Email-marketing, for your newsletters and general information

  • Point-of-Sale, Purchase & Inventory for your clients that need this, so they feed accounting without extra effort on either side

 We help you create your own accounting templates to quickly enroll new clients and when things get more complicated, such as with manufacturing operations, we are there to be your implementation partner, too! 

Ready to take your back-office to the next level? 

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