Subscription for Retail

Our retail package is always tailor-made to your business, but always includes the following:

  • A full-fledged point-of-sale system, fully integrated with your inventory control and accounting

  • Purchase integrated with inventory, to prepare purchase orders based on sales and availability

  •         Easily calculate landed costs to get the right cost price (and sales price if you want) 

  • Full local & online support to ensure your business keeps running optimally

  • BAB-approved fiscal printers included

We get you up and running within two weeks, guaranteed!

Besides the basics, our team of accounting specialists helps you set up the system to create audit-ready financial statements. We can even review your administration periodically to ensure the quality and adjust (if necessary) in time and/or take care of your monthly fiscal obligations. 

We provide full payroll services, including (monthly) tax and SVB declarations. If you work with flexible contracts, you can easily manage your workers’ schedules and overtime, so you always pay correctly.

Our software is eCommerce ready, so selling through your website is a breeze, because it’s fully integrated with inventory and accounting. And we work with local payment providers, so you get your money in your local bank account!

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