Subscription Starter Pack 

When you start a new business, your biggest concern is getting new customers and making them happy, hopefully by doing something that you’re good at. But sometimes it feels like there are just too many musts: you must set up and keep up with your sales, your administration, your collection, pay taxes, social premiums, organize your contacts, create a website, do the marketing, social media … the list seems endless!

That’s why we introduced the starter pack, to help you get organized quickly. We also offer support from experts, so you can focus fully on your business. Our starter pack includes:

  • A full-fledged CRM & Sales system, to build your client base

  • A website, with blogs and appointment options, so you can showcase your company and people can get in touch

  • Project & timesheet functionality if you sell time; inventory control if you sell products

  • Everything fully integrated with Accounting, setup with all the right taxes

We’re flexible, we know business and know how to build you a great (small) back-office. Let’s work together!

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