How we helped Fundashon Prevenshon

October 7, 2020 by
We are proud that we have helped a lot of local and regional clients make their business more digital and automated, so they can focus on what they do best!
One of these clients is Fundashon Prevenshon. Fundashon Prevenshon has partnered with the Government of Curaçao, and major local benefactors, businesses, and organizations to accomplisch its goals and objectives of establishing and maintaining a center for prevention through screening, early diagnosis and early detection of disease.

Blueback helped automate the awareness & screening program for colon cancer using Odoo CRM, Marketing Automation, Online Appointments, allowing the processes at Fundashon Prevenshon to run the program smoothly, in cooperation with their partnering laboratories and medical doctors.

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Blueback October 7, 2020
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