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How we can help your restaurant..

from administration, to speed of service and stock control 

Little effort for your after sale administration

You don’t need to book transactions manually. Our official BAP approved POS does all that work for you. The only time you need to print a receipt is for your customers.


 Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Increase your speed of service

By setting up separate printers for your bar and/or kitchen, you can cut down precious seconds of your speed of service. When an order is been taken, the waiter can put this in the system and automatically the order for the bar and the kitchen is being send to the printers in the kitchen.

This makes the process from taking the order to the bar and/or kitchen shorter, simple and easy.


Easily split bills

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With Odoo bill splitting, you make splitting bills personal. Each individual can pay exactly for what they ordered and can use the payment method they want.


Never out of stock

Odoo allows you to set up rules so that an automatic replenishment for those items is made, based on minimum stocks available.


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Odoo image and text block

Monitor your sales

With Odoo orders analysis, you can analyze what your Moneymakers are, and which products are the ones that sell the fastest. You can make daily, weekly and monthly reports, so you can have the best overview.


Differentiate your tables

Odoo CMS - a big picture

With Odoo floor plan, you can customize your tables to your specific needs, by differentiating your tables with numbers, colors or/and names.