Save time and optimize your store operations and results

Warehouse management
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Save time and optimize your store operations and results

Saving time and an optimized store operation starts with good inventory control. With an online inventory system connected to your financial administration and customer database, you cut down your process time, reduce stock levels and get complete traceability on all operations. 


Never out of stock

Setup automated purchase orders when a product reaches a threshold, taking into account sales volumes and lead time to receipt. Add barcodes and RFID on the fly to make your life even easier.

Workflow inventory

We will completely setup your workflow so that goods flow easily through your organization, from supplier to warehouse, to your stores and to the customer. Fully traceable, securing full accountability of your people. 

Accounting, Sales and Inventory Control in one

As a business owner you see all information real-time, showing your bestsellers and average shelf time, so you can minimize stock levels, without the risk of selling no.

Never throw away perishable goods

Track expiration dates so you know when to discount them or give them away. And no reputation damage (or worse) caused by expired perishables.

Blueback helps you digitize your inventory control and warehouse management. Click here for a FREE consult at your store or business.


How does this work?

Inventory process

When the inventory comes in it’s been logged in the system. You can add all the important information that needed (barcodes, expire dates, value, code all the products)

Workflow inventory

We will completely setup your workflow. For example; you have one central depot with several stores, departments or locations that need to be supplied from the depot. Next to that we will setup the route of the goods from coming in to going out

Purchase orders and registration

When departments, stores or locations need to be supplied a purchase order can be set up with approval processes. This is automated in the system and creates a clear view on the use or sales per location/store or department

Out of stock

To monitor the stock, you can setup automated notifications that notify you when a specific product is low on stock; considering the lead time to order and the volume you use.


Save time and optimize your store operations and results
Admin February 12, 2020
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