How to make your restaurant and your team work more efficient?

Improve your (speed of) service and operation in your restaurant with only 6 steps.
January 9, 2020 by
How to make your restaurant and your team work more efficient?
Othniel Alberto

1) Use one system for your restaurant operations with an easy to use Point of Sale system

What is being used in your restaurant the most? The Point of Sale system that  your staff members is using to create and update orders and receive payments. When this system is not user-friendly, your staff is wasting time and gets frustrated, and your customers will notice.

Blueback offers a very simple, visual PoS system with easy tools for your staff, such as a floor plan that is customizable to your restaurant, so you can easily adapt it when you change your setup

2) Monitor your restaurant and business real-time on your phone, from anywhere

A way to improve your service is to be aware what's happening in your business, even when you are not on the floor. This helps spotting issues, to which you can act immediately, even from the other side of the world. Blueback can assist you with setting this up with software, especially designed for the restaurant business.

3) Connect your waiter directly to the kitchen and bar

A restaurant's nightmare is a lost order or miscommunication between the waiter and the kitchen or bar. But taking too long to get the order to the table is high on that list too. Setup printers (or screens) for your bar and kitchen that connect to the waiter's handhelds. Simple and easy. Blueback can do this for you. 


4) Use an automatic split bill tool to save time

Splitting the bill is a great service to your guests, but often a time-consuming hassle for your team. What if your PoS system has an easy tool to split your bill with just a click on the button? This saves your team time and increases your speed of service.


5) Connect your point of sale to your accounting system

No more time-consuming administration: Blueback offers an all in one system that integrates your PoS to your accounting system. With this official BAP-approved PoS the only administration that is not automatic is printing the receipt for your customers. As soon as the last customer has paid, just count the cash register and be done. Really!


6) Reward your guests with a loyalty program

A loyalty program gives your guest extra value when visiting you. With the software from Blueback, your loyalty program is connected to your PoS, automatically rewarding your customers using a loyalty card. Sign up new members in your PoS to start rewarding guests right away and get to know your customer.

You can e-mail special deals, and even send bills digitally. Loyalty programs like Funmiles and Skenicash can be connected.

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How to make your restaurant and your team work more efficient?
Othniel Alberto January 9, 2020
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